So after dropping Ye only a week before, Kanye West released yet another mini album, this time with Kid Cudi. The joint project feels somewhat connected while somewhat separate from its predecessor. KIDS SEE GHOSTS is not the first we have seen this idea of a collaboration between two rappers to produce an album, with Huncho Jack (aka Travis Scott and Quavo) dropping Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho late last year. KIDS SEE GHOSTS was definitely not a normal rap album…no question about that.

The Vocals:

This was the most lackluster part of the entire album for me. I felt Cudi and Kanye just didn’t put enough into this aspect of the equation. On every track, I had this feeling that something was missing. “Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)” was the only song that was artistically done well in my opinion. Both Cudi and Kanye have these almost god-like sounds whenever that note on the word “free” hits. Mixed over rock samples and supported by a chorus of background vocals, they get this otherworldly vibe out of the song. However, with this track along with much of the others, I just felt they became extremely repetitive. At the end of “Reborn”, I seriously thought I was gonna lose it if I heard Cudi say “Keep moving forward” one more time. It loses that lyrical and vocal aspect when you say the same line 100 times in a row.

The Beats:

KIDS SEE GHOSTS once again proves that Kanye is a genius when it comes to producing beats. Who knew that you could sample a 1930s Christmas tune on a rap song? “4th Dimension” seriously demonstrates Kanye’s ability to create a beat that is unlike any other. With its strange sample, solid bass, the combination of snares and subdued hi-hats, plus that eery laugh sample right in the middle, it develops this overarching theme throughout the album; that ghostly vibe that I feel Kanye was aiming for. He mixes so many elements to create a sort of rock sound on many songs. “Cudi Montage” even includes a sample from Kurt Cobain. Hands down, the beats are the strongest aspect of the entire project.

The Production:

Any Kanye album always gets a 10 on production value and this is no different. Like many of his albums, Kanye goes for a certain sound to be a theme. This particular project has that spooky factor. Something in each track just sounds otherworldly. Just look at the title track “Kids See Ghosts”. The beat and vocals from Cudi just make you feel uncomfortable. Nothing about it feels natural – and in a good way.  Yet, it all blends so perfectly that it draws you right in, almost like a horror movie. You want to look away but you can’t because you want to see (or in this case hear) what happens next.

The Essentials:

“4th Dimension” and “Feel The Love”

The Rating:

This album was just so strange. The whole listen just felt weirdly empty. The beats were fantastic and the production was on point but something felt missing. Especially coming off of Ye which had great vocals. In my opinion, KIDS SEE GHOSTS was a:


This album is has been debated left and right so you are open to telling me what you think in the comments below or on Twitter. But for now, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeee…




  1. Leo, the album was meant to be dark and weird. It talks about Ye’s and Cudi’s ADD. Read the info of the album next time, it might help your review. And no critique on reborn? Cmon. That’s my favorite song in the album.

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