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From the school that birthed Onyx, M.O.P. and most recently Manolo Rose comes Casanova, the newest bully in rap who, after a couple dope singles, has finally blessed us with a complete project which exceeds expectations by delivering 35 minutes of the most authentic street rap we’ve heard in quite some time. COMMISSARY is a solid debut from an artist with the potential to be of the greats in the genre. Casanova succeeds where many others have failed by truly restoring the feeling of New York rap with this grimy yet glorious album that’s perfect for the block or the club and everywhere in between.

The opening track “Catch a Body” sets the tone perfectly as Cas comes out the gate with a stadium-ready anthem that includes an infectious hook and a triumphant beat. He only amps it up with “Gripped Up” which drives the energy into full force with its frantic beat complementing more tough talk. But even the hardest of cats gotta dance and so we get “Go BestFriend” which has a Timbaland aesthetic to its bounce as Casanova sets his sights on a woman at the club, followed up by the A Boogie assisted “Down Bitch”, which is his tribute to the female that has been there through it all and fits the definition of “ride or die”. Both of these tracks are notable for Casanova’s ability to blend the sounds of his guests (Rich the Kid guests on “Go BestFriend”) without making himself sound like the feature on his own tracks (like The Game has been criticized for pretty much his whole career). “Down Bitch” is distinctly an A Boogie sounding joint with its upbeat R&B style and “Go BestFriend” is just the club version of “Plug Walk” but in both instances, they are clearly Casanova songs, he just knew the exact right features to get for them.

Elsewhere on the album, we get what should be the biggest song out right now called “Left, Right”  featuring Chris Brown and Fabolous which contains not one but two memorable chants for its hook and is guaranteed to have you doing the 2-step. We also get the leadoff single, “Set Trippin’” which features the trademark Casanova sound and is the sonic sequel to his smash hit “Don’t Run”. If you’ve never heard Casanova before then this track will let know if you’re gonna be a fan or not as it’s that raw, gritty stickup music with all the aggression of an M.O.P. classic complete with threats of exposing the fake and exploding a face.

Street rap is the backbone of the genre and always will be as hip-hop originated in the streets and is at its best when it’s delivered by those from the streets. While hustle music is the standard, aggressive rap has always been in its corner and Casanova is the muscle of the current crop of young talent as he delivers nonstop energy on his debut. Commissary may not be for everyone but in a year that’s seen countless solid projects, this one is a standout as Casanova knows his lane and proudly carries the torch for it by delivering a solid album of broad street bully music that you can’t help but get hyped to.



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