JMax Top 5 of 2018

What a rollercoaster this year has been, huh? Especially for music. 2018 was a lot of things for music. We lost some great artists, we lost some not-so-great artists. Regardless their deaths caused waves in the music scene. We were also given a huuuge amount of new content! 2018 was really all-in-all a great year for music for everyone (I think). Every genre was productive and we got to hear a lot of new, fantastic music.

The Honorable Mentions:

anthem of the peaceful army

Anthem of the Peaceful Army – Greta Van Fleet

I chose Anthem of the Peaceful Army as an honorable mention and not as one of my top five, simply because 2018 was such a great year for music. Greta Van Fleet is a killer band. They have insane instrumental skills, incredible voices, and a knack for rock n’ roll. I was insanely excited for this album, and I all around really enjoyed it. To sum things up, Greta Van Fleet needed to be mentioned because of their absolute awesomeness.

culture 2.jpg

Culture II – Migos

Migos also took an honorable mention spot because Culture II had to be recognized and acknowledged as one of 2018’s better albums. How can anyone forget how excited the internet was for Culture II? The Migos take pride in their ability to be hypebeasts, and what would parties in 2018 have been without tracks such as “Walk it Talk it”,  “Narcos”, and “Stir Fry”? Also, 24 songs? Geeze Migos, flex harder next time.

junkyard samurai.jpg

Junkyard Samurai – The Palmer Squares and ProbCause

Junkyard Samurai is my third honorable mention of 2018. It’s an honorable mention honestly because I found it 4 days ago. Junkyard Samurai, while only being seven songs, is an absolute slap of an album. If you read my review of In Context by The Palmer Squares (that ProbCause is featured on) you’ll already know that the duo, as well as ProbCause, have insane skills when it comes to lyrics and overall vibes in their music. Had I found this album sooner and got to know it a little better, it would absolutely be Top 5.

jmax hypetrain

JMax Hypetrain – JMac

Coming in as my fourth and final honorable mention of this year…my album. I’m super proud of it and am super excited to show my listeners my future projects. I put a lot of hard work, vision, revisions, thought, and love into this. If you haven’t checked it yet and want more information check out Heff’s review of JMax Hypetrain, or head straight to Soundcloud and check it out!

The Number Five Spot:


beerbongs & bentleys – Post Malone

beerbongs and bentleys comes in my 5th slot for Top 5 of 2018.  When it first came out I honestly was pretty let down the first time I heard it. At this point in time, I can’t even remember why. Post Malone makes killer music. End of story. His voice is incredible, his lyrics are well crafted and his flow is smooth as hell! The man was made to make music. His knowledge of music theory also makes all of his projects a different level of enjoyment. His instrumentals are diverse, but that’s just because his brain is presumably full of awesome bars and riffs to go with them. beerbongs and bentleys was a highly anticipated album, because who doesn’t love Post?! My only issue with it was how slow it got at certain points. Hearing Post be sad made me sad! All in all a solid album, for that I’ll hit it with a…


The Number Four Spot:


ASTROWORLD – Travis Scott

“Astroworld…My Planet…My Home”

My man Travis made an entirely new community with this album. ASTROWORLD comes in as number 4 in my Top 5 of 2018 mainly because it’s the album that really got me into Trav. ASTROWORLD, for starters, is such a cohesive album it’s hard to tell where one song ends and the next begins…and then it just loops right back into itself. Travis is known for his voice and after listening to ASTROWORLD I finally get the hype. His instrumentals are nothing but fantastic. They’re funky, yet heavy hitters. They’re peaceful and ambient, yet hectic and hella hype. The instrumentals on this album are all incredible, and once I heard John Mayer was a member of the production team…FOHGET ABBHOUT IT! Travis really put thought into this one and made an entire miniverse of society with a single album…and an amusement park….For that, ASTROWORLD gets a solid…


The Number Three Spot:


YSIV – Logic

As one of my biggest rap inspirations I had to give my man Logic slot number 3 on my Top 5 of 2018 for his work on YSIV. Once again, Logic proves that Logic (and the Wu-Tang Clan) ain’t nothin’ to fuck with! This man takes music to a whole nother level with YSIV. The vocals were awesome, whether Logic is singing or rapping the man is a great vocalist. He also has an elite list of features that take the vocals and the album to such great heights. His production is a carefully chosen brigade of sick samples, nostalgic throwbacks, fan testimonies, and all around positive and awesome vibes. All in all his production and instrumentals (somehow even the songs recorded on his damn tour bus) sounded flawless. YSIV, as per usual, is more of the next level music that Logic so kindly graces us with. For that, he gets a…


The Number Two Spot:


Swimming – Mac Miller

Mac man, I fucking love you. I was so hyped when I saw Swimming for the first time on my Spotify homepage. Of course, Swimming blew me away. Mac is one of my all-time favorite artists and another huge influence on my life. I remember the first time I heard “Knock, Knock” and my brain was in shambles. I had never heard music like that before. Swimming was another example of Mac’s unbelievable and unforgettable talent. His instrumentals are what hooked me onto the album. The jazz themes mixed with Mac’s old school vibe and trippy train of thought made for an album that takes the number 2 slot in my Top 5 of 2018. Mac’s vocals are, of course, insanely clever and “Macadelic” as always, his instrumentals are groovy, soulful, and interesting, and his production is fantastic. All in all, Swimming will always be one of my favorite albums, because of the quality, and the fact that it’s the last living piece of Mac that we have. I can go on for days about this album, so I’ll end it with this. Mac, Swimming gets a JMac Certified…


The Best Album of 2018:


Geography – Tom Misch

If you read my review of Geography a few weeks back then you already know why Geography takes the number 1 slot for the Top 5 of 2018. If you didn’t I’m thrilled to fill you in! Geography takes the cake with #1 because, in my opinion, it’s all around the most funk-tastic, dance-alicious, rhythm-masing collection of music I’ve heard in a really long time. Aside from that, Tom wrote, composed, performed, and produced the entire thing practically by himself…AT THE AGE OF 23…WHAT!?!?! If that’s not fascinating I genuinely don’t know what is. Tom crafted the #1 album by combining all of his musical ability and making one of the most cohesive, soulful, melodic, and groovy albums of the past few years. His lyrics are beautiful ballads about the awesomeness of life. Covering topics like love, clubbing, re-kindling sparks with past lovers, or simply grooving out; Tom has it all. His instrumentals are on a totally different level. His ability to harmonize with his guitar, bring in influences from a plethora of different genres, and form a relatable, love-filled and exciting story makes the instrumentals and lyrics into one stream of awesomeness from Tom’s brain into your soul. It’s really a magical album and I highly endorse that anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet. You should drop everything and listen start to finish right now. You won’t be disappointed…unless your an asshole who hates outstanding music. Tom, I’m happy I found ya…now keep the tracks coming and the vibes groovy and give us more music! Geography is truly unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Tom, you magnificent musician, I give your album a scale-shattering…


2018’s music scene was wild. It was complete mayhem! Diss tracks, all sorts of beef, even deaths. On the flipside (the side of 2018’s music I liked more) WE GOT FIRE TRACKS FROM DOZENS OF ARTISTS! So many musicians I didn’t like or wouldn’t listen to in 2017 came through this year and left me in shock, as well as gaining themselves another loyal fan. 2018 gave us the horrible little brother to hip-hop that we call mumble rap, so that was a thing too…I don’t really know what to say about it…I guess it makes Twitter more entertaining…Anyway, much love for 2018’s music scene, and the artists that make it all possible.

Major appreciation for everyone out there supporting Colossus, and giving us a reason to do what we love. HUUUGGGEEEE thanks to our founder and my boy Leo, having a vision, making it happen, for bringing me onto the team, reviewing my album, and making all of this possible. You are truly a dope ass dude.

I wanna conclude this by saying:

Rest In Peace Mac Miller, and 2019…I’m ready for ya!

– JMac

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