Resurrection – RudeManners

It’s a new year at Colossus Music! That being said, I wanted to kick off the 2019 vibes by talking about an extremely talented artist and actually one of my friends who goes by RudeManners. Dalton Mannerud (Mannerud…RudeManners) is a 22-year-old Lo-Fi artist from Windham, New York. To say he’s groovy is an understatement, my dude has an insane mind and to hear and see what comes out of it never ceases to fascinate me. He also absolutely loves creative expression. It’s refreshing to see someone so excited to share his talent for making album artwork and beats. RudeManners started music at a young age with a dinky drum set and some friends. After discovering Dubstep and deciding he wanted to learn how to make it, he’s been led to (one of my favorite genres) Lo-Fi jazz/hip-hop. Let’s dive into Mr. RudeManners (that’s his Twitter handle too for anyone interested in givin’ my boy a follow!) and talk about his latest masterpiece…Resurrection.

Today we’re gonna switch up the layout since RudeManners makes Lo-Fi jazz and hip-hop instrumentals.

The Artwork:

I wanted to shout out the album art on Resurrection since RudeManners made it himself. I’m a huge fan of his art, such a fan that I myself copped a drawing pad because I think it’s sick and want to get into it myself! The things that he sees in his head when expressed, are so articulate, as well as thought-provoking. He creates a little snapshot of a different universe where anything is possible. Check it out on his Instagram for more in-depth looks at his other artwork.

The Instrumentals:

I don’t know if it’s because the background of the Resurrection artwork is space but this album really makes me feel like I’m floating through space. It’s so smooth and serene, then almost out of nowhere these awesome chaotic symphonies come and excite your ears. Another huge aspect of this album that I not only appreciate but envy the ability to do is use an incredible array of instruments, yet it’s practically one giant song. RudeManners took that idea and made Resurrection a 30-minute mix of completely individual yet cohesive songs that flow into one another and create this awesome, soothing, yet exciting work of art. Sometimes when I’m on Spotify and I see his success, I can’t help but be proud to know him. The kid is gonna take off (and kinda already is). RudeManners uses some of my favorite sounds too – so maybe I’m just biased. But seriously, nothing beats some heavy hip-hop drum kits accompanied by smooth saxophones, jazzy guitars, peaceful pianos, vibe-acious background vocals, and sensational synthesizers.

The Overall Vibes:

As I said earlier, and try to follow me here. This album has such an interdimensional vibe to it. I close my eyes and get sucked in and I can picture myself just floating through the universe, taking in the beauty, just overdosing on pure zen. It’s such a unique and diverse sound that it’s seriously hard not to get sucked in. It’s one of those albums that ends, and your head is still bopping… then a few seconds later you realize there’s no more and it’s kinda upsetting. But then you realize RudeManners has a shitload of fantastic content so you get sucked into the void again.

I think Resurrection is great because it’s multifunctional. Going on a drive? Resurrection. Studying? Resurrection. Meditating? Resurrection. Enjoying your morning coffee? Resurrection. Writing Raps? RESURRECTION!!!

The Rating:

I met RudeManners (getting sick of typing that so imma start calling him Dalt) through one of my really close music loving friends because they’re roommates, so I’ve known of him for a while. Let me say that his early tapes are great – but Resurrection could even be thought of as a new chapter in Dalt’s career.

Dalt, although I’ve only met you a handful of times in person, I feel like I know you so well, and appreciate you and your music so much because our minds are quite similar. I love what you’ve done with here, and Resurrection is a Lo-Fi gem. For that I give it a:


Final Thoughts:

Pretty high, I know. Dalt deserves it though, he’s a self-taught genius with a long successful future ahead of him. He’s passionate, gifted, and knows how to make some insanely good music AND INSANE ART! Since I met you, you’ve inspired me to expand my horizons, think wayyyy outside the box, and most importantly have fuckin’ fun. Everyone reading, keep an eye out on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud for RudeManners, this kids somethin’ realllllllll special.

Dalt, keep the bops coming bud…and let’s link soon!

Much love, and thanks for kicking off 2019 at Colossus with me.

– JMac


One thought on “Resurrection – RudeManners

  1. Just making sure you’re aware (since these are older projects) if you’re into this type of sound:

    Madlib – Shades of Blue
    Yesterdays New Quintet – Angles Without Edges (which is also a Madlib album just under that alias, as he’s known to do)


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