Work of Art – RetroP

RetroP, or Young Retro, is an artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina who seems to fit his name perfectly. On his newest project, he finds a way to blend the old with the new. Work of Art is his second full-length record coming in at 20 tracks. This follows his first album from 2018, October, which was more poppy and trendy. His newest project demonstrates his lyrics and pen game while getting some help from other artists at WeW.O.O.D. Music. Throughout the album, we see his versatility and ability to spit, while his producer lays some solid beats.

The first thing that stands out with this album is RetroP’s flow and style. He really demonstrates some serious lyrical ability while mixing up the cadence on songs such as “Don’t Understand” or the melodic “Two Peas in a Party”. This is not a short project in the slightest and will take you some time to work through. RetroP put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows. Also, shoutout to Cxm300, the producer of each track on here. He creates a ridiculously smooth vibe throughout that compliments the vocals really well. I especially like the beat on “Nostalgic Future”, with its super washed out feel.

The Highlights:

“Hakuna Matata”, “Two Peas in a Party”, and “Make ‘Em Believe”

Stream Work of Art here:

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