[SINGLE] Heart Scars – Jeremy Pascal

Jeremy Pascal is not a single person but instead, three friends and their alter ego. Based in Vienna, Austria, Tino, Julian, and Nico make music about the experiences they share. This generates an interesting blend of emo rap and punk to give us tracks like their debut single “Good Drugs” and others like “Heart Scars” and “Butterfly”.

I don’t typically gravitate towards this sort of rap. Emo rap is still a bit of a weird trend for me. However, the idea of it is something I totally love and acknowledge. Hip-hop has always been about being unique and carving out your own path. That is exactly what “sad boi” or emo rap sounds like to me. Are the old heads gonna like it? No. But that doesn’t mean it should be any less discredited as art. “Heart Scars” is a great example of this. The beat feels like a combination of a bit of hip-hop and a smidge of punk percussion which gives listeners a nice flow. The vocals are honestly pretty solid too. Sometimes I get really bored of lyrics in tracks like this but the trio provides a really catchy hook and some strong, emotional verses. Any Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, or even Blink-182 should definitely give these guys a listen.

Stream all of Jeremy Pascal’s tracks here:

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