[Single] Live From The Funk – J/O/E and Milky Beatz

Judging by the album cover, I would have to say this dude is from Texas. I am all about that because I feel that Texas-based hip-hop is ignored outside of Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, especially up in NYC. J/O/E breaks through that noise for me. His flows are calm and measured, yet pack a punch. He couples it by rapping over a beat that seems to perfectly fit his style.

That being said, Milky Beatz does a great job adding to this track. It honestly feels like lo-fi meets early 90s hip-hop. It’s got a tight drum pattern that gets your head bobbing and a great mix of funky, yet jazzy instrumentals. All in all, J/O/E may provide some smooth bars but Milky Beatz really gives him the platform to make them both sound so good. For any old-school hip-hop heads reading this, I highly encourage you to check this track out!

Stream “Live from the Funk” here:

Stream all of J/O/E’s music here:

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