[EP] Titans Over Spades – Backstreet Peejay

Backstreet Peejay is a rapper from Orlando, Florida who’s musical influences come from the deep south. He has a palette for soulful, jazzy beats that really bring his work to life. He began to take his artistry seriously in 2016 when he released his project “Inner City Blues”. It was at that time he was able to develop his sound and find his niche as an artist. Just like one of his influences Kendrick Lamar, Backstreet hopes his music can uplift the black community, as well as being able to shed a light showing how beautiful his culture is.

This is a ridiculously smooth project. The beats are clean and the vocals are tough. It starts off with the title track, which introduces Peejay’s style. His cadence gets a bit messy towards the middle but regardless, it never really loses your attention. It’s got that Chi-town vibe with a southern sound. LB199X, which is a crazy cool stage name, really adds to the project with his feature on “Glow”. This track might be my favorite of the four tracks. It’s a head bobber no question. “Truth Be Told” is the track that was originally sent to me and there is a reason it snagged my attention. The lyrics are fire and the flow is perfect. Peejay seems to master his cadence with the beat on this track. Lastly, he wraps things up with “Whatever Whenever” which is an emotional piece. Super smart to finish off the EP with this track because it slows things down just the right way without getting boring. All in all, this is truly a must-listen for anyone that even slightly appreciates soulful hip-hop.

Stream Titans Over Spades here:

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