[VIDEO] Another One – Mackavon

Jamaica-born and Florida-raised rapper Mackavon brings listeners versatility with his music. He states that he listened to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, 50, and Usher as a kid. Those influences show in his music as he ranges from rough and abrasive to sensitive and poppy. The young rapper is getting more and more attention and growing a solid fan base with his latest releases.

Florida has been producing some top-quality talent as of late. Denzel Curry is hands down one of my favorites out of South Florida and I immediately get that same vibe with Mackavon. “Another One” has a dark, trippy beat but his vocals bounce around from raspy to smooth and flowy. This is what drew me into this single when it was first sent to me. It’s catchy but twisted. The subject matter feels like an emo-rap track but at the same time, it has the cadence, beat, and roughness that can only come out of Florida. Heavily recommend checking this dude and don’t be surprised if he starts to gain some more traction in the rap game!

Watch the music video here:

Stream Mackavon’s other tracks here:

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