Rello’s Top 10

Before you read any further, I just want to say this was really fun and it was cool to look back at what made this year so great. Quick thank you to Colossus, all the artists, and everyone who continues to support what we love doing. Also, I would love to hear what your top albums for the year are. We all have different tastes and that’s what makes music so great and unique. Also, I like data so I decided to mention all the streaming numbers.

*Equivalent units moved are streaming numbers combined with pure albums (iTunes, CD, Vinyl, etc..)

Honorable Mentions:

Sheff G – The Unluccy Luccy Kid

Wale – Wow…That’s Crazy

Rapsody – Eve

Calboy – Wildboy

Fabolous – Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever

The Ten Spot

Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding

Post Malone is a rockstar, there is no way around it. That is why I have his album at the 10 slot because I truly don’t believe his work fits into just one genre, especially not rap. Post is one of the most talented artists of our generation, whether you like him or not, and he once again proves that on Hollywood’s Bleeding. Post maintains his rapper persona as he recruited Young Thug, DaBaby, Meek Mill, and more while continuing to cross blend genres with an incredible feature from Ozzy Osbourne. With over a billion streams and many anthems, this album deserves a spot on this list. Is this his best album?

This is no surprise…Debuted at #1 on Billboard Hot 200 with 489k equivalent units sold

The Nine Spot

ScHoolboy Q – CrasH Talk

With his first album in three years, Schoolboy Q blessed his fans with CrasH Talk. Schoolboy Q was planning to release the album in 2018 but when his close friend Mac Miller passed away, he wasn’t in the right state of mind. However, that didn’t stop Schoolboy Q from creating once again another classic, in Mac’s honor. The label TDE continues to release solid albums while maintaining their own styles of rap, and in CrasH Talk, Schoolboy Q does a fantastic job sticking to his own ways. With tracks such as “Numb Numb Juice”, “CHopstix”, and “Floating” respectively making the Billboard charts on their own, it proves the Q is still a top dawg (pun intended). Q has nothing else to prove as a successful veteran and is at a point in his career where he makes music because he wants to and as long as he’s having fun. Although he isn’t making anthems such as “Studio” or “Hell of a Night”, CrasH Talk is a well-rounded project with hard-hitting lyrics and an unmatched style.

Debuted at #3 on Billboard 200 with 81k equivalent units sold

The Eight Spot

Offset – Father of 4

I have to admit, I did not like this album when I first listened. However, it continued to grow on me with songs such as “Came a Long Way” and “Legacy” being on shuffle in my car. The more I listened and actually listened, it was nice to hear Offset being more outgoing and rapping about the other side of his life. The first track, “Father of 4”, is all about Offset being a father and doing everything he can to be there for them. It’s enjoyable to hear about his past life and the struggles of finding himself while taking care of his own. Offset invited J. Cole, CeeLo Green, Gucci, and even his wife Cardi B to complete his debut solo album. Overall, the music on this album can be played at parties, in the car, pregaming, or if you are going through some tough times. It’s a side of Offset I would like to see more of in the future if another solo album ever comes to light.

Debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 with 89k equivalent units moved

The Seven Spot

Tory Lanez – Chixtape 5

This mixtape almost didn’t make my list. After I realized how different and creative this album came to be, I thought it deserved a spot. I still listen to all the songs that influenced Tory to make this tape and the way he altered the tracks to still make you have nostalgia is truly amazing. On top of creativity, he even got most of the original artists as features! However, the one downside I feel is not giving enough time for Ashanti, Fabolous or T-Pain. Lanez used a lot of adlibs throughout the tape and I feel it takes away of what could have been an even more special album with some extra verses. The mixtape was different for 2019, and I love different. We have seen so many new styles come to life in recent years and it was cool for Tory to showcase those who helped paved the way. Don’t get me wrong, sampling old music has been occurring for decades, but for Tory to create a complete project honoring the artists was very cool to listen to, Overall, very enjoyable and Tory really continues to make a case for the King of R&B, behind Chris Brown of course.  

Debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 200 with 84k equivalent units moved

The Six Spot

Rick Ross – Port of Miami 2

After thinking we may have lost Rozzay to a heart attack earlier in the year, he bounced back with yet another solid album added to his catalog. With meaningful lyrics, skits, and beats, the project is well thought out and enjoyable from start to finish. This album is not as hard-hitting as his past projects but that’s what I think makes it so memorable for me. On the track, “I Still Pray”, Rozay depicts his feelings and memories of almost dying and you can feel the emotions that he felt about losing everything he’s worked for and the ones around him. Rick Ross is a legend and has created some of my favorite songs of all time (“Stay Schemin”, “Ashton Martin Music”) and although it is not what we’re used to from Rick, it’s a very enjoyable and well thought out project.

Debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 200 with 72k units sold, BOSS.

The Five Spot

DaBaby – Baby on Baby & Kirk

Arguably the biggest rapper of 2019, Dababy is really something special. Not only is he funny as hell, but he knows how to entertain people and create music. I have Baby on Baby and Kirk placed together at 5 because I think they are both solid albums but have very similar styles. However, in Kirk, he opened up more about his life and created a story for his listeners. I am a fan of DaBaby because of his worth ethic, confidence, and style that he brings to the rap game. Although he is a fast-paced rapper, he can also create memorable melodies such as “Best Friend” and “iPhone”. DaBaby created many classics this year with “Suge”, “Baby on Baby”, “Bop”, and more, but that’s what makes him so special…his ability to create those in such a short time. I also have to give credit to Jetsonmade for his ability to create these special beats for DaBaby to take over. With tons of memorable songs, these albums I believe will be a centerpiece for a long career.

Baby on Baby peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 200 and earned Gold

Kirk debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 selling 147k equivalent albums (crazy!!)

The Four Spot

YBN Cordae – The Lost Boy

Up for rookie of the year and album of the year, this one was no doubt. The Lost Boy is a work of art and seems as if he’s taking us through the changes of the seasons. As a debut album, you couldn’t wish for anything more from YBN which earned him XXL Freshman List, a Grammy nomination, and arguably one of the best albums of the year. The one track I keep coming back to is “Nightmares are Real” featuring Pusha-T solely because of the flow, creativity, and delivery. Adding Push really complements YBN perfectly. Cordae is incredible at painting his audience a vision as he tells stories about his life, and that’s what keeps me coming back to this album. A solid project and I can’t wait for more.

Debuted at #13 on the Billboard Hot 200 selling 26k equivalent albums moved, solid for a debut album.

The Three Spot

Mustard – Perfect 10

DJ Mustard has been working just as hard behind the scenes of his music as he does on his music since he started his career. Having what I think was the song of the summer, “Ballin” ft. Roddy Ricch, and many more bangers, Perfect 10, made this Top 10 list. Mustard maintains his west coast style of producing while seeking the likes of Atlanta’s Migos, Future, and even Gunna. You may be asking why a producer has one of the top albums, but it’s because it was Mustard who put this album together. Perfect 10 solidifies that Mustard is a leader in the industry and that producers can create albums just as well as an artist would, although it helps he got some of the best songwriters to help him out.

Debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200 Chart with 36k equivalent units moved 

The Two Spot

Roddy Ricch – Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

This was my most highly anticipated album of 2019. When I first heard Roddy, I knew he was special. His delivery, changes in flow and cadences are unmatched right now. This project proves he will be here for a long time as it highlights his versatility. Right from the jump, “Intro” begins with a slow tempo and a soothing, calming voice, then halfway through he flips right to a faster and harder tempo. On the track “Trap God” I truly thought I was listening to Young Thug, if you don’t believe me go back and listen. Influenced by Nipsey Hussle, Compton, and a hard past, it is clear Roddy is using his experiences to lock in his emotions as he tells his story through music. Songs like “The Box” and “Start Wit Me” get you bouncing, “Moonwalkin” and “Perfect Time” and “High Fashion” get you singing, and “Prayers To The Trap God” and “War Baby” get you in your feelings. I haven’t stopped listening since it released a few weeks ago and I can’t wait for the many years to come for Roddy.   

Debuted at #1 on Billboard Hot 200 with 101k equivalent units, ………

The One Spot

2 Chainz – Rap Or Go To The League

One of the most forgotten and underrated albums of the year, in my opinion. 2 Chainz has always released solid albums and he went above & beyond for this one, even recruiting NBA All-Star Lebron James to be his A&R. With features from Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, E-40, and the princess Ariana Grande, there is a song on here for everyone to enjoy. What makes this album so special is the messages Chainz brings to surface such as, “growing up in a community where a young man’s only two options are to either be a musician or athlete”, and that’s “apparent” (pun intended) on the track “Forgiven”. The reason it is my number one album of the year is because of how enjoyable it is and how it started the year off for what was to come. My favorite part of the album was the production and samples used. In the track “I Said Me”, he uses a well-known sample from The Sound of Music, and somehow turns it into a complete banger of a rap song. Overall, this album, in my opinion, is the best and most enjoyable to come from 2019 and I think the best Chainz album to date. (He may have even gotten the NCAA to listen as they are now going to test paying its players…coincidence?)

Debuted at #4 on the Billboard Hot 200 with 65k equivalent albums.

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