[VIDEO] Another One – Mackavon

Jamaica-born and Florida-raised rapper Mackavon brings listeners versatility with his music. He states that he listened to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, 50, and Usher as a kid. Those influences show in his music as he ranges from rough and abrasive to sensitive and poppy. The young rapper is getting more and more attention and growingContinue reading “[VIDEO] Another One – Mackavon”

[Video] “Young Kings & Queens” – Foreign Beggars ft. Maverick Sabre and Mali Hayes

The well-known trio, Foreign Beggars, out of the U.K, has been around since 2002 and have teased their final album together, releasing on December 13th called Matriarchy. The reason for this being the last is that the members, Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis, and DJ Noname’s have decided its time to focus on themselves and indulge inContinue reading “[Video] “Young Kings & Queens” – Foreign Beggars ft. Maverick Sabre and Mali Hayes”

[EP] Titans Over Spades – Backstreet Peejay

Backstreet Peejay is a rapper from Orlando, Florida who’s musical influences come from the deep south. He has a palette for soulful, jazzy beats that really bring his work to life. He began to take his artistry seriously in 2016 when he released his project “Inner City Blues”. It was at that time he wasContinue reading “[EP] Titans Over Spades – Backstreet Peejay”

[EP] Xavieon – Live in Peace

I often talk about how the rise of lofi has improved the rap game. It brings that old-school-cool sound back that you would hear with the cratediggers of the 80s and 90s. Xavieon does just that! The Georgia-raised MC pulls inspiration from Mos Def, MF Doom, A Tribe Called Quest, Curren$y, Schoolboy Q, and evenContinue reading “[EP] Xavieon – Live in Peace”

[Single] Live From The Funk – J/O/E and Milky Beatz

Judging by the album cover, I would have to say this dude is from Texas. I am all about that because I feel that Texas-based hip-hop is ignored outside of Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, especially up in NYC. J/O/E breaks through that noise for me. His flows are calm and measured, yet pack aContinue reading “[Single] Live From The Funk – J/O/E and Milky Beatz”

[SINGLE] Heart Scars – Jeremy Pascal

Jeremy Pascal is not a single person but instead, three friends and their alter ego. Based in Vienna, Austria, Tino, Julian, and Nico make music about the experiences they share. This generates an interesting blend of emo rap and punk to give us tracks like their debut single “Good Drugs” and others like “Heart Scars”Continue reading “[SINGLE] Heart Scars – Jeremy Pascal”

[SINGLE] Less – Yury

This isn’t the first time I have listened to Yury and definitely will not be the last. I first discovered his single “Needless To Say” which was featured on the Colossus Heat Check. The Brooklyn based, Belarussian born rapper-producer has some serious style and a deep catalog. If you like “Less”, I am positive youContinue reading “[SINGLE] Less – Yury”

[Single] The More – Emes

It seems 2019 has been the year of breaking R&B. With the likes of Y.K Osiris, Ty Dolla $ign, Tory Lanez, and H.E.R having successful 2019 campaigns, it makes sense for Emes (pronounced MS) to start taking the R&B community by storm. After graduating from high school in Hawaii, Emes moved to Seattle to pursueContinue reading “[Single] The More – Emes”

[Single] Change Up – B. Aull

If you don’t already follow the Colossus Heat Check playlist, it’s a perfect example of artists you haven’t heard yet that need to get more attention. Rapper B. Aull is exactly this. Originally coming out of Maine but now in Brooklyn, he cultivates a very vibey, unique sound with his music. He has already receivedContinue reading “[Single] Change Up – B. Aull”