[YouTube] “Memory Loss” – Track Seven Band

Track Seven Band shares their new single, “Memory Loss”, their first in three years…and it was worth the wait. Titled “Memory Loss”, this is Track Seven Band’s reemergence from the shadows to give their fans a track that will make them all remember why they started in the first place. Speaking from the heart andContinue reading “[YouTube] “Memory Loss” – Track Seven Band”

Sit Down Series: Phay

Atlanta has become one of the go-to cities when people think of hip-hop. It seems everyday there is someone new. Faris Mousa, or Phay, are quickly getting more and more attention in the Atlanta scene. Being a first-generation Arab-American, Phay uses his flowy verses and smooth choruses to tell his story of trial, triumph, andContinue reading “Sit Down Series: Phay”

Sit Down Series: HappyBirthdayCalvin

“30 by my side, it might leave where you stand I ain’t got no friends, I’m too focused on the bands” HappyBirthdayCalvin, the 17-year-old rapper out of the West Side of Chicago, has hit the hip-hop scene hard. Really really hard. His streaming numbers are shooting up, a song of his was just featured onContinue reading “Sit Down Series: HappyBirthdayCalvin”

10 Day – Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper’s tweet announcing re-releases of his original two mixtapes sparked two reactions in me: nostalgia for a huge part of my growing up and the need to review the Chicago rapper’s whole catalog, starting with 10 Day. This mixtape always brings back memories. I heard Chance before I heard 10 Day, so I’llContinue reading “10 Day – Chance the Rapper”

i am > i was – 21 Savage

The title of 21 Savage’s latest drop really defines what this album means to him. He has come a long way from the “murder rap” he coined with his early 2015 mixtapes The Slaughter Tape and Slaughter King. Sure, he touches on those topics on a few tracks but for the most part, i am > iContinue reading “i am > i was – 21 Savage”

White Bronco – Action Bronson

Award-winning chef, actor, TV host, author, and rapper. The list probably goes on but if you came across Action Bronson on the streets of Queens, he is most likely the last person you would associate any of these terms with. The big, bearded ginger is not what most people would expect of a rapper, however,Continue reading “White Bronco – Action Bronson”


“Escobar season begins.” After waiting for what felt like ages last Friday for this album to drop, Nas finally blessed us with Nasir, his eleventh studio album. This is yet another mini project Kanye West has helped produce and release over the past few weeks. Politically charged is an understatement for this album, but we don’tContinue reading “NASIR – Nas”

Testing – A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky doesn’t fit in a box. In fact, he is so outside the box that it becomes something special. His latest project Testing is the perfect example of this. In a sort of avant-garde style, he utilizes features, beats, and samples in ways that very few rappers have done yet. The young rapper from HarlemContinue reading “Testing – A$AP Rocky”

1999 – Joey Bada$$

Finally! Finally, finally, finally! Hip-hop heads have been waiting for this day since 2012. Fair warning – this rating may be high due to the nostalgia aspect. 1999 was Joey Bada$$’s debut mixtape, in which he features many members of his group Pro Era. This mixtape quickly became an instant classic. The project hints at the “goldenContinue reading “1999 – Joey Bada$$”


So after dropping Ye only a week before, Kanye West released yet another mini album, this time with Kid Cudi. The joint project feels somewhat connected while somewhat separate from its predecessor. KIDS SEE GHOSTS is not the first we have seen this idea of a collaboration between two rappers to produce an album, with Huncho Jack (aka TravisContinue reading “KIDS SEE GHOSTS – KIDS SEE GHOSTS”