Sonic Temple – The Cult

This review is part of the Colossus Guest Time Series. Some weeks will have one, some will have two, others will have none. At Colossus we are committed to be for the people and by the people! If you are interested in writing a review of your favorite album, DM us on Twitter at @music_colossus! OneContinue reading “Sonic Temple – The Cult”

London Calling – The Clash

One week ago in music history, in the year 1979, The Clash released their third studio album London Calling. Their sound is built upon punk rock, but they do a little bit of exploring on this 19 track behemoth of an album. They dive headfirst into new genres like reggae, New Orleans R&B, and jazzContinue reading “London Calling – The Clash”

Back In Black – AC/DC

In 1980, AC/DC released Back in Black, the band’s first album with new lead singer Brian Johnson. Its all black cover and the title track were meant to mourn the passing of former frontman Bon Scott following his untimely death just months earlier. AC/DC perfected the art of minimalist rock with slick riffs, hard powerContinue reading “Back In Black – AC/DC”

Beggar’s Banquet – The Rolling Stones

Hey, my name’s Drew, and I’ll be taking over Throwback Thursday for Heff. It took some thought to figure out which album would take my blogging virginity, and I decided I’d start out with a band that’s very special to me. This December marks the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stone’s Beggars Banquet, the band’sContinue reading “Beggar’s Banquet – The Rolling Stones”

From The Fires – Greta Van Fleet

The pure talent of this band is special. Something is uniquely similar about them however so different that it is helping their sudden explosion into the rock scene. Lead singer Josh Kiszka, at the ripe age of 22, is already being compared to the legendary Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. From The Fires, released in NovemberContinue reading “From The Fires – Greta Van Fleet”