[Music Video] “Can I Breath” – Rudeboy Tha Shottah

Coming out of New Orleans’ 6th Ward, Rudeboy Tha Shottah is on a mission to add his name to Lousiana’s ever-growing list of successful rappers. Just 22, he has seen first hand how the justice system has affected his close friends, family, and community members. Through rap, he is pushing himself with the limited resources and opportunities he has. He has talent, intelligence, motivation on his side to make this possible. I came across this music video through a submission on SubmitHub and it immediately caught my attention.

Dude just spits. Period. Louisiana produces some of the best rappers and while Rudeboy isn’t the best yet, he has the talent to take himself far. “Can I Breath” is an emotional track with an equally emotional video of him visiting his grandfather in the hospital. The beat is simple yet elegant with its calming piano loop and speedy hi-hats. Rudeboy is not quiet about his struggles and chooses to focus on pushing through the obstacles in front of him. His lyrics aren’t anything insane but his flow and cadence are extremely solid and smooth.

Check out the music video for “Can I Breath” here:

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