[Single] “Amourire” – NA2S

French rap has to be one of my favorite foreign versions of hip hop to listen to. Yes, I understand a little of what is being said but what attracts me is the cadence of rapping in the French language. I recently came across NA2S, a Belgian rapper who’s got a super chill vibe. He’s a young artist of Moroccan and Iranian descent who clearly has his world view effect his music.

Hearing “Amourire”, I immediately was feeling that XXXTentacion vibe. The slow, relaxing strum of the guitar matched by the melodic background vocals reminds me of “the remedy for a broken heart”. The only thing we are missing is some more trap-like percussion. Not everyone is a big fan of listening to foreign rap. However, if you want some vibes for a rainy day…this is the track for you. Definitely going to be following NA2S in the future to see what he does with his skills.

Check out “Amourire” here as well as NA2S’s other tracks:

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